Links to scenarios around the web, compatible with RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha. Scenarios for RuneQuest 2 are included because the game statistics are pretty much directly usable in RQG with minimal Preparation.

The Runequest QuickStart includes a cut-down version of the rules, pregenerated characters and a short adventure. It’s the perfect introduction to the game and the PDF is completely free from Chaosium!

In Rites of Passage, the characters are Heortling youths taking on their clan initiation rites into adulthood. A great one off adventure or campaign opener by Andrew Montgomery.

Life is hard in the settlement of Brightwater, by the River of Cradles. Part of the herd has strayed and some adventurous youngsters are sent to round them up in The Cattle Raid of Koli, an introductory adventure for Runequest by Clint Staples.

Sweet Is Revenge is an RQ2 scenario by Dave Morris and Oliver Johnson. It’s not set in Glorantha specifically, but is easily placed in Dragon Pass.

War in Winter by M Helsdon is set in between the adventures in the GM Screen Pack.

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