Notes on running the scenarios from the Coming Storm and Eleven Lights supplements for HeroQuest Glorantha, using RuneQuest Glorantha.

Character Creation Edit

All PCs will be from the Red Cow clan, rather than the varied backgrounds in the core book. See RQG p.24, 60 & 103-109.

Define early on which clans the PCs' mothers came from, see p.11-12 of the Coming Storm.

Default start date of the Coming Storm is 1618, not RQG's 1625, so use the grandparents family history during character creation, per RQG p.27-36.

The cults of the clan are given on p.15 of the Coming Storm. Page references for these in the RQG core book are (in order of popularity):

  • Ernalda (p.75 & p.292-294) 
  • Orlanth (p.76-77 & p.300-302) 
  • Barnatar (NPCs only - good for clan, not so good for adventurers) 
  • Seven Mothers (NPCs only - unless you want to subvert the adventures - in which case, go ahead) 
  • Heler (see Engizi the Sky Titan p.75 & p.292) 
  • Yinkin (p.79 & p.310) 
  • Odayla (p.76 & p.300) 
  • Engizi the Skyriver Titan (p.75 & p.292) 
  • Vinga (as Orlanth Adventerous, only cooler p.76-77 & p.300-302) 
  • Issaries (p.76 & p.298) 

The Red Cow are Axe Orlanthi, so the values for cultural weapons in RQG p.60 should swap the axe/spear and broadsword.

Passions should include for consideration in addition to the usual - Loyalty: Red Cow Clan, Hate: (Ogres, Telmori, Lunar Empire). Consider the maternal side of the family for Love passions.

The Red Cow Clan Edit

The cult membership breakdown for the clan is a s follows:

Ernalda  — 336 initiates, 6 devotees plus most adults as lay members  (830 adults total) - Minor Temple.

Orlanth — 221 initiates, 4 devotees plus at least most of the men as lay members (roughly 415) - Minor Temple

Barntar  — 80 initiates - worshipped as part Orlanth Thunderous, shrine in temple.

Seven Mothers  60 initiates. Shrine.

Heler — 40 initiates, 1 devotee, worshipped as part of Orlanth Thunderous, shrine in temple.

Yinkin  — 25 initiates

Odayla — 20 initiates, 1 devotee

Engizi the Skyriver Titan ws — 20 initiates

Vinga — 15 initiates, worshipped as part Orlanth Adventurous, shrine in temple.

Issaries hs — 8 initiates

Humakt ty — 5 initiates, 1 devotee

NPC Stats Edit

Doblian Dogeater Edit

Use the Silver Shield Peltast stats from the Cradle scenario for RQ2/RQ3 as a starting point.

Willandring the Giant Edit

35 foot tall clan Blacksmith

STR 66 CON 16 SIZ 64 INT 8 DEX 11 CHA 6 POW 16
DEX SR: 3 SIZ SR: 0 HP: 38 MP: 16 Move:
Location D20 Armor/HP
Right Leg 01-04 13/10
Left Leg 05-08 13/10
Abdomen 09-11 13/10
Chest 12 13/13
Right Arm 13-15 13/9
Left Arm 16-18 13/9
Head 19-20 13/10
Weapon % Damage SR Pts
Maul 85 2D8+7D6 4 12
Thrown Rock 50 1D4 + m7D3 3

Note: Willandring is hobbled by an injury inflicted on leg by Karganar Blood- Eye, the clan founder. Healing Willandring is a major plot point and so I would recommend that only the Rune magic “Heal Body” is effective (RQG p330) .

Runes: Disorder 90%

Magic: None

Languages: Heortling 80%

Wandle the Nymph Edit

In RQ terms Wandle is a Naiad, see the RuneQuest Glorantha Bestiary p.171.

STR 12 CON 18 SIZ 15 INT 19 DEX 13 CHA 21 POW 28
DEX SR: 2 SIZ SR: 1 HP: 22 MP: 28 Move: 9
Location D20 Armor/HP
Right Leg 01-04 0/8
Left Leg 05-08 0/8
Abdomen 09-11 0/8
Chest 12 0/9
Right Arm 13-15 0/7
Left Arm 16-18 0/7
Head 19-20 0/8

Special Powers: Wandle can command any incomplete creature born or living in her waters for 1 magic point. The creatures may not resist this charm, which lasts for one hour.

Runes: Water 100%, Fertility 100%


Rune Points: 12

Rune Spells: Breathe Air/Water (2), Dismiss Water Elemental, Fireshield (2), Summon Water Elemental (small or medium), Charisma (1), Create Fissure(1), Dismiss Magic

Spirit Magic: Befuddle (2), Binding (1), Coordination (2), Extinguish 6, Heal 6, Shimmer 4.

Magic Points: 28


Damage Bonus: +1D4

Spirit Combat Damage: 2D6+3

Healing Rate: 3

Armor: None

Skills: Climb 10%, Conceal 90%, Dance 120%, Dodge 120%, Hide 90%, Move Quietly 90% Sing 120%, Spirit Combat 115%.

Languages: Heortling 80% Stormspeech 60% Darktongue 40%

Magic Items:



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