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PDF Edit

Form Fillable Character Sheet by Steve Lieb (styopa)

Form Fillable Character Sheet by Termin

Spreadsheet Edit

Google Sheets workbook by Phil Hibbs (detailed instructions)

  • Dynamic calculation of all attributes.
  • Buttons to roll stats and fill in Culture, Occupation, and Cult skills.
  • Full family background event tables.
  • Full support for all playable Bestiary races, occupations, and cults.
  • Track temporary bonuses including the full effects of spirit spells (e.g. Vigor, Coordination).
  • Shows both normal and temporary enhanced attributes and skills.
  • Automated language translation (currently French and Spanish).

Runes in a Google Sheet by Phil Hibbs

  • Copy the Runes tab into your Google Sheet, then you can copy and paste the runes elsewhere

VTT Edit

Roll20 has an RQG character sheet available

Web Tools Edit

Cradle of Heroes is a sophisticated tool for creating adventurers and monsters which can be shared.

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