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Rune Fixes #1

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Abilities over 100%

Page 144:

If the highest rated participant in

an opposed roll has an ability rating above 100%,
the difference between 100 and their ability rating
is subtracted from the ability of everyone in the

contest (including themselves).

Page 201:

If the adventurer has a skill above 100% and that

skill is opposed by another skill lower than the
adventurer’s skill, the opposing skill is reduced by

the amount that the adventurer’s skill is above 100%.

The implication with the second description is that the higher skill is not reduced.

Also note that another way to calculate this is to take the difference between the two skills, subtract that from 100, and use that for the lower skill. For example, 147% vs 137% has a difference of 10, so reduce the lower skill to 90%.

Parrying a Critical Hit

p. 199, Attack & Parry Results table's Critical attack vs. Normal Parry entry: The text says, "Defender's parrying weapon HP reduced by the damage rolled".

p. 200, Parrying a Critical Hit section: The text indicates that the parrying weapon takes twice normal damage (which is to say 2 HP, since a weapon whose HP are exceeded usually loses 1 HP) or no damage, depending on the type of the attacking weapon.

Critical Parries

Page 198:

Against a normal attack, the parrying item or

shield’s damage is compared to the attacker’s

weapon’s current hit points

Page 199:

Normal attack vs.

Defender rolls parrying

weapon’s special


Page 198 says notmal damage, Page 199 says special damage.

In addition, the combat chart in the GM Reference (page 10) says that critical attack vs a critical parry, the attacker rolls special damage. Page 199 of RQG says normal damage.

The general consensus is that the table on page 199 should be considered definitive.


Question: I think there's a problem with Fireblade. It's an Active spell in RQ2 and a Passive spell in RQ3. With it as an Active spell in RQG, you can move only 4 meters per round and can't fight. Is this correct? 

Answer: It's a special case. When using Fireblade, you can move fully and attack (as a Passive spell) but must make a concentration roll (INTx3) if you take damage, cast another spell, are surprised, etc. as if Active. The .pdf and future printings have been adjusted to include language to this effect.